Europe to Asia by Bike.Kathmandu, Nepal.Afternoon in Puri, India.Kathmandu, Nepal.The Taklamakan Desert.Fresh snow on the Tibetan Plateau.Loralai, Pakistan.
Prayer flags on a mountain pass in Tibet.
Woman with yak in Tibet.
Cold camp on the Anatolian Plateau, Turkey.
Rice paddy in central Nepal.
Lulusar Lake, Pakistan.
Muang Xai, Laos.
School girls in western Iran.
Sunset in Hunza Valley, Pakistan.
Karakul lake and Mt. Muztagh Ata, China.
Kalash breakfast, Northern Pakistan.
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.
Buni Zum, NWFP, Pakistan.
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This site is about bicycle touring in general, but mainly about my bike trip from Sweden to South-East Asia via Eastern Europe, The Middle East, Pakistan, China, and Tibet.

In the fall of 1998 I set off on a long journey by bike. It covered more than 15000 kilometers and 14 countries. During this trip I was hit by rocks and cars, and baked, soaked, and deep frozen by the weather gods. Mostly, however, I had a superb opportunity to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, meet wonderful people and enjoy the culture of widely differing lands.


March - May 2013: Cycling in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos: Chiang Mai - Bangkok, Aranyaprathet - Poipet - Sisophon - Battambang - Pursat - Kampong Chnang - Pnom Phen - Kampong Cham - Kratie - Stung Treng - 4000 Islands - Champasak - Pakse - Savannakhet - Mukdahan. There are som photos on the following Facebook Albums: Cambodia 2013, Laos 2013, and Cycling in Thailand (includes photos from different trips in Thailand)

December 2011 - January 2012: Cycling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Chumpon, Thailand. Route: KL - Fraser Hill - Cameron Highlands - Ipoh - Butterworth - Langkawi - Satun - Krabi - Ranong - Chumpon.

July 2011: A wet and muddy trip through northern Thailand and remote parts of western Laos: Tallabomba Blog and Facebook Album: Laos 2011.

April 2011: I'm in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and I'm writing a few blog posts about my trip through the Western Forest Complex and on to Chiang Mai on small roads: Tallabomba Blog.

December 2009: I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia after cycling through northern Borneo (Malaysia and Brunei), Sulawesi, Flores, West Timor, East Timor, Sumba, Sumbawa, Lombok, Bali, and Java. I'm getting a new passport here and will continue to Singapore on the 15th of January. I've written a few blog posts about the trip on the Tallabomba Blog, but there will be more later.

July 2009: I'm back on the road again, since more than two months. I'm cycling around Malaysia and will continue on Borneo on the 16th of July. I write some blog posts about the trip on the Tallabomba Blog.

June 2008: I just got back from a 15 day adventure in Sweden and Norway. The idea was to cycle to Glittertind, Norway's second highest mountain, and ascend and descend on skis. I'll write about the details on the Tallabomba Blog, but there is already a rough route map here.

March 2008: I've written my first proper blog post on the Tallabomba Blog. It's about butterfly photography.

November 2007: Marcus Haraldsson has released his new book about his two bicycle trips from Tibet to Hong Kong. Photos are amazing and the story gives insight in the rapid development in China.

October 2007: Alastair Humphreys is working on a bicycle touring photo book that should be for sale before christmas: RIDE: Images from the Road. Profits will go to charity and I'm contributing a couple of photos, so buy a bunch for friends and family!

July 2006: Stephen Lord sent me his new book Adventure Cycle-touring Handbook: Worldwide Cycling Route and Planning Guide (Trailblazer), where I've made a small contribution (page 97). Thanks Steve! It look's great, and is packed with facts, tips and opinions, but also holds some short 'tales from the saddle'. It may well become a bicycle traveler bible, but works better on your desktop while planning, than on the road. Check it out here.

April 2005: I've added 20 more photos from Sweden and Asia, and removed some banner ads around the site.

September 2004: A new swedish travel magazine is being launced this fall. I've just finished writing an article for it. Look out for "När & Fjärran" in the beginning of November. The magazine is made in collaboration with the travel show with the same name, on TV4.

July 2004: New cycling and travel books have been added to the book section. There are now links to both European and American sellers. I've also updated the link section and added useful links in other sections.

September 2003: New photos from this summers cycling in Norway has been added. Read the notes from the trip and the route description in the route section.

The site is getting a new address (URL):

August 2003: I make a five day bike journey from Northern Dalarna province (Sweden), through Norway's Hedmark Fylke, and back to Trosa, Sweden. Notes and photos from this trip will be added later.

July 2003: The site gets a new look, a new logo, and new sections. The brighter colors and increased contrast and font size will improve readability. The map section is now a part of the route section. Parts of the planning section are moved to the new equipment section. There is also a new section on books and maps, where I recommend guidebooks, atlases, maps, phrase books, cycling guides, and other related reading. Apart from these major changes there are many smaller ones all over the site. A lot of information has been added, and some outdated information has been updated or deleted. The WAP version and the communication forms have been deleted. The web log will be used for ongoing expeditions only.


Tallabomba is not my name nor my nickname. It's just a net alias that got stuck. My real name is Tom Hermansson Snickars.

I grew up in Trosa, Sweden, and studied at the University of Linköping. Apart from a masters degree and a short engineering career, I've had the opportunity to do quite a lot of traveling. I've visited more than 40 countries on my different trips, mostly in Asia. Between 1997 and 2001 I cycled 15000 kilometers through 14 countries.


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